Form a council

Form a peace council in your town or city

The act of joining with your friends and neighbors to form peace councils that address your local needs is an important first step, and integral to advancing our cause.

Remember, we’re not protesting; we’re walking for peace, and we are expressing support for our leaders’ and other people’s efforts towards disarmament, improving education, and increasing access to medical care and housing worldwide. We’re counting on you. We need to present a united front to make our voices heard.

How to form your local council:

  1. Agree to meet to form council of at least 10 people if possible
  2. Agree to agree on the concept of peace
  3. What must we do to bring about peace


8 Responses to Form a council

  1. B. says:

    Thank you for number two – )

    Agree to relinquish any personal animosities in order to be in harmony with the concept of peace

    mmmmmmmmmm, so good!

  2. Hey bro i wish you the best of luck ! if i could walk i most deff would but i will pass the word as far and i possibly can!

  3. Luinrandir says:

    Peace… we all have to live on this planet, why not in peace.. its so much nicer than war!

    If we made love as much as we make war… we would be to tired to remember our differences!

  4. Fr.John says:

    Yes, peace is possible, not only possible but inevitable. Let us all be the ones to bring about its existence and above all, Yes We Can.

  5. DOUG MARTIN says:

    Greetings & Peace.

    Martha and I performed with handbells and voices our original song “One World”, and bell arrangements last night in NYC for the Universal Peace Day concert which is where we heard about your site etc. (We live in Hopewwell Jct.Dutchess County) Our blog began on Dec.10 /07…International Declaration of Human Rights Day.We look forward to getting together with you sometime soon, (we already have commitments this weekend) and we will certainly put you as a link on site and hope you will do the same with ours.

    We had a feature article about us in Catholic New York sometime ago which you can read on our performance web site, bottom left,

    Peace & God Bless

    Doug amd Martha Martin

    The Marvelous Musical Martins

    Bringing the Message of Freedom and Peace through the site, sound and symbol of the bell.

  6. noushad says:

    yes peace is possible. We are enojoying the sweetness of peace here, hope all the world could. Wake up youth make a hug to your neibhour by not looking their castes and see all are human beings

    once again “peace is possible”

  7. I will form a council. My name is Sallie Elkordy and I will am running for Governor of NY State for the PEACE PARTY 2010. We held our Nominating Convention in Woodstock back in May ( and will be returning for the International Walk for World Peace. I have always wanted to hear Pete Seeger live and am very excited about that aspect of your event. Worldwide Hippies has published my Profile of Activism ( and our website is We seek to instill Goodness in Government and our mission is Peace, Human Rights, Civil Libertiy and Respect. This is an effort toward ballot access in 2012. We will need your support to gain the necessary signatures, so wish us luck by helping us out.
    ❤ Sallie (646) 354-0699

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