An Open Letter to the citizens of Conversano, Italy

December 29, 2009

Dear residents of Conversano, Italy,

Warm greetings from Woodstock Colony of the Arts in Woodstock, New York, USA to the people of Conversano, Italy, City of the Arts.

A street in Conversano (Bari), Italy

May this holiday season find your city peaceful and prosperous now and in this new year.

A group of concerned citizens in the village of Woodstock, New York has created a council based on the theme of events that took place in 1969 and named after the town of Woodstock, New York.

This council works in communion with other councils to promote a return to an expression of and realization of peace as stated through music and art at that time. We emphasize that this is not merely a rock concert title, Live Peace, it is also considered a call to prayer and meditation for people of all faiths.

Please welcome our delegate Christina Valentine not only as a member of our peace council but as a member of your extended family. Simply said, Christina’s maternal great grand parents were citizens of Conversano almost 100 years ago. Chiaro Frallonaro and Francesco Resta left for New York City, New York, USA but never had the opportunity to return home.

Their great grandchild is here to extend her hands in an offering to the people of Conversano in partnership as a sister city with Woodstock, New York, USA in promoting peace throughout Italy, Europe, and the world. She is also seeking assistance in tracing any surviving relatives of Chiaro Frallonaro or Francesco Resta from the kind people of Conversano, Italy.

On August 7th and 8th, 2010, Woodstock, New York, USA and towns and municipalities around the world will in participate in the largest music and art event in modern times entitled Live Peace©. This global initiative will tie together nearly 200 countries throughout the world in a common expression of peace through music and the arts.
We humbly request that you consider creating a council in Conversano, Italy and naming it the Conversano Council for World Peace. Welcome sister city!

Timing is of the essence as we want to enable the entire world to be equal partners in our cause for world peace. Christina Valentine is at your service to help facilitate the creation of your own independent council.

From our family to yours,

Woodstock Council for World Peace
Christina Valentine, European delegate