Letter from Pierre Leroy, founder of the Haitian People’s Support Project

January 17, 2010
Dear HPSP friends and collaborators:
In the name of us all, I like to convey my most heartfelt gratitude to our dear friend & long time supporter of HPSP: professor Colia Clark.
Colia has put together a very impressive team of volunteers with medical experience and  various levels of disaster relief expertise. Most of these people are paying their own air fares to meet in Santo Domingo next week en route to Haiti. Pastor Wadsen Etienne of Santiago is using the good offices of his church to help coordinate the drive, and make sure that these folks connect with our team already in Port-Au-Prince for concerted relief action. HPSP is contributing to the ongoing efforts, loading of their long-rented school bus with food, medicines and clothing to distribute to those in need, including HPSP’s orphanages. The new team will provide transportation to other people willing to go to Haiti to help with the relief work. They will be leaving shortly this coming week. Dr. Fredo Ignace, a Haitian psychologist from Path Light based in Philadelphia, is busy collecting needed items to complete loading the bus before leaving for Port-Au-Prince. Anyone willing to join may contact pastor Wadsen Etienne at 809-275-1440 or 809-509-1272, or call Pierre Leroy at 845-679-7320 or 845-796-6293.
We congratulate Colia, pastor Wadsen, and Dr. Ignace for their good leadership and strong humanism.

Pierre Leroy


Haiti devastated by earthquake

January 13, 2010

Photo from BET.com

Updated, 12:22 p.m., EST, 13 January 2010

I’ve added more relief agencies to the list at the bottom of the page; please donate whatever you can, the need is great. Thank you.

Also, the airport is functional, and rescue workers are arriving, as are American troops to assist in rescue, security and recovery.

The Haitian people have been devastated by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake. The epicenter was near Port au Prince, and relief efforts are underway. The United Nations Headquarters, the Presidential Palace, and many other buildings have been destroyed, and thousands are feared to have died; among them, UN peacekeepers from many nations. Click here for news from the BBC, and here for information from The New York Times.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Haitian people. We will provide updates as possible.

Here are some links to relief organizations currently active in helping earthquake victims in Haiti:

Red Cross

Save The Children


Direct Relief International

Catholic Relief Services

American Jewish World Service