International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day. First, I’d like to congratulate Kathryn Bigelow for her historic Oscar win for Best Picture and for Best Director, for The Hurt Locker.

According to Women for Women International, women perform 66% of the world’s work, and produce 50% of the food, but only receive 10% of the income, and own only 1% of property.

Women also suffer disproportionally from the effects of war—women and children account for 75% of civilian casualties. In particular, women are suffering in the continuing conflict in the DRC (Congo); Nicholas D. Kristof of The New York Times has written extensively on the subject, and we cannot thank him enough for bringing attention to these atrocities.

Please sign Women for Women International’s pledge to say no to war, yes to peace and development, and participate in one of the Join Me On The Bridge events if you are able.


One Response to International Women’s Day

  1. Mighty Xee says:

    It is a very good day indeed…

    only to mention a damage inflicted sub consciously, daily, from among others, our religious, music and political world ….still outrageously dominated by men,…, who seek men, choose men, and praise men
    -from our Father, Son… our lord ….
    -to courtrooms and churches surrounded by portraits of male leaders
    – to endless bands and concerts in line ups for photo shoots with man, after
    man, with women when present in minority…
    – to groups and conversations where a man, or men, may overpower women present who may have softer voices and viewpoints
    – a literature/ culture that is virtually always written in the male voice..

    being raised in such an environment makes it very hard to remember and believe in one’s value…. I find it confusing, frustrating, enraging at times… and helpful to remember that tests have shown that in classrooms:

    – boys/men are chosen to speak more often
    – are listened to more carefully
    – their thoughts given more value
    – and receive more praise.

    in awareness is change…

    we are on a road which still has pitfalls, stumbling blocks, and glass ceilings

    from awareness gather strength

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