A message from Mighty Xee


Looking forward to gathering at this week’s meeting, Sunday, January 24th at 3:00 p.m.

There is a lot to get done at our weekly meeting, to create peace through music… LIVE PEACE©, August 7th and 8th, 2010… and today.

ALSO, relief efforts are being made to co-host with the Haitian People’s Support Project, the Woodstock Council for World Peace, and one of our local churches; a benefit for the people of Haiti, and to also to support our local food pantry, (which has been coming up short with food each Thursday).

Details are being worked out to hold the benefit near the end of February, or in early March. Please come to the Sunday meeting, where, after the work of the Woodstock Council for World Peace is finished, we can work on the details of the benefit.

If you can’t make it Sunday, and still want to volunteer ideas, time, food or anything else to the Haitian Benefit, please call me at 845.688.5012.

May peace be with you,

Mighty Xee


4 Responses to A message from Mighty Xee

  1. Mighty Xee says:

    We have decided to go with Saturday, February 27th,
    at 5p
    so kids can be involved

    p.s. so especially looking for
    – a childrens entertainer
    – kids and parents who want to get children involved in this benefit.
    – some people to run the refreshments table downstairs in a
    large, lovely room.
    – sweet things, coffee and tea to sell at the refreshments table
    ( Bread Alone and Sweet Sue’s have already donated stuff for this
    : ) YUM!
    – folks to man the door in shifts
    – if somebody wanted to organize some form of auction to
    maka more-a de money that’d be cool
    – donations of food for the Food Pantry
    – someone to pull the sound system together. We have someone whose
    happy to carry stuff around, … we need duh brains, someone
    who knows what they are doing
    – a small sound system
    – dat’s all : D OMG

    mightyxee@yahoo.com 688 5012

  2. Mighty Xee says:

    let’s get that potluck dinner/ fundraiser for
    >>>> the Peace Council <<<<<<
    together 2 asap

  3. Mighty Xee says:

    testing one 2

  4. Mighty Xee says:

    sorry folks guess there’s no way to delete a post…

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