Harmony—Woodstock’s Newest Music Spot

Appearing at Harmony this week!

Thursday, January 21—Mestengo
Friday, January 22—Denise Jordan Finley and Daniel Pagdon
Saturday, January 23—Chris Zaloom (shown in this video with Charles Lyonhart), and Special Guest Star Anatoly Kurlat

And every Wednesday is open-mic night—bring your instrument and your best (peace-loving) music!

Check here for further announcements!


3 Responses to Harmony—Woodstock’s Newest Music Spot

  1. Mighty Xee says:

    nice I like the rt of the new Harmony info bulletin

    : D

  2. williamsgraphics says:


  3. Mighty Xee says:


    A benefit is being organised by the Peace Council and the Haitian Support Project for the people of Haiti and our local Food Pantry, which has been coming up short with supplies each week

    If you would like to volunteer to help in some way, call 845 688 5012 and someone will call u back

    It will be scheduled for 5p on a Saturday, so children will be able to attend, and occur the last week of February or first week of March. thank Q

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