Bloomberg says canned food a bad idea

© 2009 David Shankbone, from Wikimedia Commons

I just heard NYC Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg say on the radio that donating canned food is a bad idea; it’s likely to never arrive. He suggests that the best thing we can do to help the Haitian people is to donate money to reputable charities, and that if we do so, we can be assured that will do the most good for the Haitians affected by this calamity. He is most likely correct.

That makes me wonder about something that has been troubling me for some time now. We’ve been donating money to reputable charities for a long time, and many of them spend up to 95% of funds received on projects, which can be verified through GuideStar.

So why is there so little change in the world? Why are there still starving people, people dying from lack of access to clean water and medicine? Why are people still killing each other?

I’m making no accusations here. I’m just wondering what each of us can do to effect a lasting change that can bring peace, love, and prosperity to all men and women around the world. I think that investing in people is a more effective way of bringing about peace than is charity; microloans have been effective, and establishing ways for people to save and pool their resources has been shown to be even more effective; see Nicholas D. Kristof’s column, Sparking a Savings Revolution.

I do believe Father Jack Nelson has the right idea with Live Peace©; we must be the change we wish to bring about. There will be news regarding this very soon. Come to the Woodstock Council for World Peace meetings, every Sunday at 3:00 p.m., at 52 Mill Hill Road in Woodstock, NY to learn more.

Disclaimer: The above views are my own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Woodstock Council for World Peace.


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