Council Meeting Postponed

Due to the extreme inclement weather, tonight’s Council meeting has been postponed; we expect to be meeting next Sunday at the Community Center instead. We will post the time as soon as we have the details.


One Response to Council Meeting Postponed

  1. Nancy says:

    For the edification of all Council members, a copy of my recent response to a pro-Copenhagen editorial in an online newsletter I used to subscribe to:
    Dear [name withheld]:

    I will benefit you with the doubt I am willing to retain that your views on the global warming summit currently underway in Copenhagen are innocently misguided, and not a result of some more nefarious machination. There are several items in the above referenced article I could refute on a point by point basis, but I will be succinct.

    There is no doubt that humankind has been steadily straining its planetary home and has long lived in a state of dysfunction bearing little resemblance to the natural order of things. Promoting environmental stewardship is certainly laudable, and I would not only commend but join that effort. However, it is dreadfully, dangerously wrong to support the Copenhagen gathering. It is equally in error to cite anthrogenic activity as the sole or even leading cause of global warming or, more properly, climate change.

    The chief purpose of the Copenhagen summit is to hijack the good will of well meaning people who truly love earth and her inhabitants by converting it into a profit center which will deliberately reduce through en masse, premature death the world’s population, as well as the standard of living in developed nations, and to override national sovereignty by instituting a worldwide governing authority, all while doing nothing to curtail or reverse ecological destruction. Should this sound far fetched to you, then you are either not up to speed on the well documented agenda of the elite who (not-so-) secretly rule and dominate the earth, or you are on their payroll.

    If the former, I urge you to consider a few incontrovertible facts, such as: the recent outing of fraudulent scientific data from the University of East Anglia and subsequent resignation of Phil Jones, head of its Climate Research Unit (an event largely sequestered by a mainstream media blackout); the quiet sun of late (i.e., no spots, storms or other measurable activity); the increase in luminosity and energetic resonance of other celestial bodies throughout our solar system, where there are, presumably, no SUV’s or smoke-belching power plants; and the role Ken Lay of Enron infamy played in orchestrating the cap and trade scheme – the modern day equivalent of the selling of indulgences – along with the corresponding business interests of Al Gore.

    Let us work together to defend our planet while simultaneously neutralizing the oppressors of human evolution.

    Very truly yours,
    Nancy Andreassi

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