A Very Special Concert

A message from Pete Levin:

Hi, friends. I’m doing something very special at the end of this week and want to let folks know about it. Here’s a short version:

Two Israeli friends of mine have been in a band for about 10 years called White Flag, comprised of 3 Israelis and 3 Palestinians. No politics, just people—musicians getting together to make music. Their story and the history of the band is pretty amazing; they’ve experienced police harassment at the border, instruments destroyed, escaping from Gaza, hiding from Hamas—amazing! And I complain about driving through New Jersey traffic to make it to a gig! If you’ve got a few minutes to read about it, click the link here.

A couple of weeks ago, they told me they were coming to the States and asked me to sit in for the two New York gigs. One’s in NYC, on the lower east side; the other’s in our own back yard. Also sitting in will be our own master tabla player, Ray Spiegel. There will possibly be some surprise guests too; we don’t know yet.

It’s a bit pricey for Woodstock, but the Kleinert is a small venue, and the band has some major travel expenses. If you’re free and up for it, I hope you can make the gig. And if you’re inclined to spread the word, that would be much appreciated.

See the flyer at the top of the page for complete information. I hope to see you there at the Kleinert/James Gallery, Sunday, December 13, 2009 at 8:00 p.m.


2 Responses to A Very Special Concert

  1. Rayge says:

    Love Song – “the Deep” by jugu

    check it out :


    A song of pure love.

  2. Ric Taylor says:

    Huge Love song – “The Deep” by jugu



    Be great for the concert

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