Water Not Weapons Day Music Festival

Photo courtesy of <em>The Frying Pan</em>

Photo courtesy of The Frying Pan

The First Annual Water Not Weapons Day Music Festival is this Sunday, October 4th, from Noon to 3 pm, in New York City at the Frying Pan on Pier 66—26th Street by the Hudson River. Come hear Pete Seeger & friends, Victorio Roland Mousaa, Guy Davis, Ray Korona, and Joel Landy (MC). Help us raise awareness of the need for safe drinking water. “And you never know who might show up,” says producer / NYCFC Board member, Phil Sauers, founder of the World Water Rescue Foundation www.wwrf.org and, with Pete Seeger’s Water Not Weapons campaign www.waternotweapons.org.


3 Responses to Water Not Weapons Day Music Festival

  1. Ray Korona says:

    Our band members and I are excited to be part of this extraordinary musical event. People all over the world need water as much as they need light and air to survive. Today this vital resource is in great jeopardy while billions are spent on bombs and arms. We won’t be preaching about this on Sunday, but we will be singing songs to empower people and encourage them to take action. There’s nothing like some great music to raise your energy level and make you know you are not alone. Come out the pier and sing with us!

    In Musical Solidarity! Ray

  2. I will definitely be there in Spirit!

    In the words of my WATER Song: “It’s time to wake up and see what we’re doing…”

    This is definitely the perfect time to focus on…. “WATER NOT WEAPONS”!!!

    Thank You Phil Sauers & Pete Seeger for your commitment to saving our Planet’s precious Water!!!

    Peace, Love & Blessings,
    Sharon Benson
    Water Advocate & Ambassador for Peace

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